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Central Airconditioning

The building blocks of Blue Star’s solutions are its products. The most comprehensive range of airconditioning products in the country. A wide range of models are available in each product category to ensure that the airconditioning system design is implemented without any compromise. All products have been designed on the energy-efficiency platform, and offer a host of advanced features.

Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers

Blue Star - Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers

Highly efficient and sustainable Chillers from the Experts

In line with its corporate philosophy of launching innovative products, Blue Star introduces centrifugal chillers with oil-free technology, manufactured at its own world-class factory. These centrifugal chillers are highly energy efficient and are equipped with the new generation centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings. These two-stage compressors, coupled with the in-built Variable Speed Drives, enable significant reduction in the operating cost as well as reduce emissions. Blue Star water cooled centrifugal chillers offer the highest sustainable efficiency with low maintenance and are ideal for data centres, hospitals, hotels, green buildings, educational institutions, as well as industrial and process applications.

Salient Features:

• Highly energy efficient
• Oil-free technology
• Eco-friendly
• Low noise and vibrations
• Compact design
• Turbocor compressor
• High performance cooler and condenser
• Precise electronic expansion valve
• User-friendly controller

Air Cooled & Water Cooled Scroll Chillers

Scroll Chillers - Air & Water Cooled - R22 & R407C

Flexible and energy-efficient chillers from the Expert

Blue Star has introduced a wide range of air cooled and water cooled scroll chillers with R-22 and R-407C refrigerant options. Manufactured using world-class capabilities at it's own ISO-9001 certified factory, these chillers are available in a wide range of capacities from 10 TR to 85 TR and are very easy to install and commission. What's more these machines can handle varying cooling requirements, thanks to their multiple compressor configurations. Making them ideal for airconditioning office spaces, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, multiplexes and process cooling requirements.


• Wide range of models in R22 and R407C refrigerant options
- Air Cooled: 10, 24, 36, 48, 60 & 80 TR
- Water Cooled: 11, 26, 39, 52 & 85 TRHighly energy efficient
• These chillers are pre-wired, fully charged and run-tested at the factory thereby making it easy and less time-consuming for installation and start-up.
• 3. Energy-efficient and reliable compressors
• Lower electrical infrastructure cost
• Quiet operation
• Mega power saving for tandem models (only in air cooled models)
• Microprocessor controller packed with intelligent features

Water Cooled Ducted Split Airconditioners

Water Cooled Ducted Split Airconditioners

Cool phase by phase, invest little by little.

Blue Star is India's leading central airconditioning company with over six decades of experience in providing expert cooling solutions. Fulfilling the needs of a large number of corporate and commercial customers, Blue Star has established leadership in almost all the segments it operates in.It understands your business like no other and provides solutions that cater to all your needs. All the products are tailored to your specific requirements, backed by one of india's widest after sales service networks.
Uniform cooling of commercial spaces is not an easy task, especially when it is a sprawling commercial complex or a shopping mall. To ensure a certain level of comfort for the customers, uniform cooling of such hugh establisemnts is extremely essential. Malls, for example, need special attention, so that customers can enjoy their shopping experience in the comfort and luxury of a cool environment. However, owners of such large spaces often face a number of conventional problems when it comes to airconditioning.

The problem:

Locked-up investment

Promoters invest in complete central airconditioning system for the entire complex even before its occupied.

No individual control

Tenants within the complex have little control over the airconditioning of their own spaces, and share bills for power they may not be consuming.

Limitations on placing ODUs

With most buildings having glazed exteriors nowadays, placing air cooled outdoor units is quite difficult, as in individual air cooled ducted system.

Blue Star introduces the innovative new DSW series of Water Cooled Ducted Splits - a revolutionary answer to the needs of airconditioning commercial complexes.

The solution

Invest as you go along

Just provide the cooling water system with convenient tap-off points initially. The airconditioning equipment and ducting can be planned floor by floor or shop by shop, as they are occupied.

Be pound wise

Individual owners can purchase their own equipment, and plan their ducting the way they desire. Which means capital needn't be locked up at the initial stages of the product.

Independent control

The DSW series of ACs offer flexibility of individual airconditioning for each space within the mall, even while offering all the benefits of central airconditioning.

Architectural freedom

Blue Star's water cooled ducted splits don't need space on the slides of your buildings to mount their outdoor units. The indoor and outdoor units are hidden away conveniently. Completely facade friendly!

A win-win situation

Blue Star's DSW series

it presents a win-win situation for both promoters and occupiers of malls. Available in 3, 5,5,8.75 and 11 TR capacities, in a single and multiple configurations. the DSW series can aircondition a wide variety of spaces.

Water Cooled Mini Ducted Units

Blue Star introduces Water cooled mini ducted units of 1.5 TR, 2.0 TR and 2.5 TR capacities to suit small airconditioning applications. These are unitary airconditioning with compact closed refrigerant circuit. In this compact system, compressor,evaporator, shell and tube condensers and all accessories are mounted in a single insulted cabinet. The machines come with high efficiency rotary compressors and maintenance friendly shell and tube water cooled condensers. Minimum refrigerant piping length improves the efficiency. Compact size of the machines and low noise fans mae it an ideal choice for commercial complex, hotel rooms, industrial airconditioning, cement plants and malls where there are advantages of better energy efficiency and individual control. The installation can be done very fast and simpler as it will require only water pipe connections and minior ducting at site.
Micro processor based controller
Wide operating voltage from 175v to 260v
Service friently design
Power coated finish
High pressure protection
Auto restart after power failure

Packaged ACs & Ducted Splits


• Highly efficient units using MCHX coils
• Designed to work effectively even in ambient temperatures as high as 50°C
• Compatible with eco-friendly R410A refrigerant
• Robust and reliable
• Aesthetically superior
• Service-friendly design

Product Line-up

Hiper Packaged Acs

100% capacity at 450C + up to 20% power savings

Blue Star's HiPer + Packaged Airconditioners are high performance machines that operate even at high sensible loads and at 45 degrees C ambients. The Hiper+ is specially designed to aircondition applications with high sensible heat load and situated in cities that face harsh summers. These are available in both Floor Mounted Configuration and Ceiling Suspended Configuration. It is available in 5.5, 11 and 16.5 ton capacities for the Floor Mounted Configuration and 5.5, 9.5 and 17 ton capacities for the Ceiling Suspended Configuration. To avail all the advantages of the Hiper+ Packaged ACs in cities where the ambient temperature is moderate, the Hisen Packaged Airconditioners are perfect. They are designed with an upsized cooling coil for 90% sensible heat load removal and higher capacity indoor fan for delivering up to 550 CFM per Hiper ton. The Hisen Packaged ACs are available in 5.5, 11 and 16.5 Hiper ton capacities for the Floor Mounted Configuration and 5.5, 8.5 and 17 ton capacities for the Ceiling Suspended Configuration.
*1 Hiper ton=1.25 ton

HiPer Green Packaged Acs

100% Capacity + Up To 30% Power Savings.

Blue Star's HiPer Green Packaged Airconditioners are high performance machines that operate even at high sensible loads and at 45°C ambients! The HiPer Green is specially designed to aircondition applications with high sensible heat load and situated in cities that face harsh summers.

Blue Star's HiPer Green Packaged Airconditioner features:

1.Indoor unit upsized to handle upto 85% Sensible Load delivering at 500 CFM/ton
2.Outdoor condenser, upsized and system balanced to deliver full capacity at 45°C. Hence 100 tons of HiPer Green will suffice, where 125 tons of conventional airconditioning was needed.
The HiPer Green Packaged ACs are available in 5.5, 11 and 16.5 ton capacities with Floor Mounted Configuration, using eco-friendly refrigerant.

Advanced Features

• Efficient Heat Transfer
• Higher Capacity Evaporator Fan
• Optimum Expansion Valve
• High Efficiency Filtration
• Condenser with Higher Heat Rejection Capability
• Corrosion Resistan Blue Fin Condenser
• Energy-efficient Scroll Compressors
• Advanced Microcomputer Controller
• Safety Alarms and Controls
• Acoustically Treated Panels
• Integrated Controller

Concealed Split AC

Never Seen. Never Heard. Ever Aesthetic.

Apart from being reliable and trouble-free, the unique low noise feature in the Blue Star Concealed Split AC makes it the quietest in its category. Its low height of just 266mm(11 inches) makes it easy to conceal,giving you a great and central airconditioning look with higher head room under a false ceiling.

Condensing Units

Superior efficiency. Superior value.

with over seven decades of experience in comprehensive cooling solutions, Blue Star brings you a range of reliable Condensing Units to meet the cooling needs of large commercial spaces and corporate customers.With a unique modular design, these units deliver consistent performance over a wide operating range and ambient conditions. Available in more than 20 models, they are ideally suited to meet the cooling requirements of a wide variety of applications such as auditoriums, marriage halls, exhibition centres, textile showrooms and factory shop floors. Allowing the use of various sizes of air handling units as evaporators.


• Open Chassis Structure
• Highly Efficient Compressor
• Mega Condensing Units
• Low Roof-load Weight
• Run Time Equalisation
• Shell & Tube Condenser(Water Cooled Models)
• Capacity Modulation in Steps
• Intelligent Controller
• Digital Setting of Temperature Levels
• Built-in Time Delay
• Auto Distribution Load
• Protection Mechanism
• Auto Restart

Hot Water Generator

Now Experience The Luxury Of 75% Power Savings.

EcoHot - The Hot Water Generator

How water is an essential requirement in hotels, hospitals and spas. However, most of them use either electric water heaters or boilers to heat water, both of which consume a lot of energy, resulting in very high running costs.

A new product from the leaders in airconditioning

Blue star has been a leader in the Indian commercial airconditioning business for 70 years now. Its newest innovation, EcoHot - the Hot Water Generator, is an air source heat pump which functions on a basic refrigeration cycle, common to all refrigeration and airconditioning systems. The unique advantage of this system is that it also utilises ambient heat energy to generate hot water, thereby, substantially saving on running costs. In conventional heaters, 1 KW of electrical energy provides 1 KW of heat output. These systems are not energy efficient as their COP is 1. In Blue Star's EcoHot, when 1 KW of electrical energy is given to the compressor, the system delivers 4 KW of heat output. In otherwords, EcoHot consumes only 25% of electrical energy as compared to conventional heaters. And the same principle applies for boilers, only in this case the savings can be as high as 66%.

Comparison With Other Systems

Operation cost is only

One-fourth of that of electric water heaters
One-third of that of boiler systems.


Blue Star's EcoHot consists of an air-side heat exchanger, water -side heat exchanger, compressor and an electronic valve. The high pressure and high temperature discharge gas goes to the water-side heat exchanger through a tube. This heats the circulating water. The liquid refrigerant then passes through the electronic expansion valve. The opening and closing of the valve depends on the set water temperature. The low temperature refrigerant then passes throug the air-side heat exchanger, becomes super-heated vapour, which is used for hot water generation.

Advantages of Blue Star EcoHot

• High COP hence low running cost.
• Low space requirement.
• Maintenance friendly
• Wide operating conditions.
• Highly reliable
• Easy and quick installation
• Accurate temperature control
• No pollution
• Simple to operate

Key Features

Scroll Compressor

Blue Star's EcoHot comes with a special series of scroll compressors meant for hot water applications. These scroll compressors have very few moving parts and are high in volumetric efficiency. They also have a better liquid handling capacity and hence are ideal for varying load conditions. What's more, they don't wear out, making the efficiency of the system consistent throughout its life.

Accurate Water Temperature

Blue Star's EcoHot is fitted with an electronic expansion valve which can operate from 0 to 480 steps. The opening and closing depends on the inlet and the outlet temperatures of the water. This enables the system to eliver water at the required temperature, to accuracy levels of +/- 1°C.

System for all Seasons

The system is designed to work in extreme conditions, which means that it can work at temperatures as low as -7°C and as high as 43°C
Advanced Controllers
Blue Star's EcoHot comes with the latest advanced controllers. This allows connectivity with 16 units as well as the setting of individual parameters separately.
The following are the key features:
• Temperature settings
• Error code display
• Lock options
• Daily programming
• Parameter settings

Scalable Option

The system comes with an advanced controller that can connect up to 16 units. The parameters of each unit can be set individually, making it convenient for the end user. This feature also helps install the system in a phased manner when additional rooms/areas are planned for future expansion. The controller will automatically control the number of units needed to run, based on the hot water demand.

User Convenience

Blue Star's EcoHot unit can be programmed to automatically switch on, based on the need and usage pattern. This avoids the hassle of the user turning the system on/off every time. There is no need of manual intervention like other systems.

Service Friendly

The system is very simple in principle.Moreover, the controllers are armed with some advanced features like error codes, enabling the technician to identify the problem and resolve it immediately. This reduces turnaround time and increases uptime of the system.

Safe and Reliable

Unlike electric water heaters, Blue Star's EcoHot completely isolates water from electricity. This totally eliminates the chance of an explosion caused by dry combustion and the risk inherent to a fuel storage tank, as in gas or diesel fired boilers. Making it the safest and the most reliable system compared to conventional hot water heaters.

Easy Installation

EcoHot is very easy and quick to install, unlike other systems. It is also very easy to operate. So you don't need a qualified technician to operate the system.

Space Saving

EcoHot is very compact and the space saved can be utilised for other purposes that can benefit the customer.


Blue Star's EcoHot models of 36KW and 65 KW capacities come with multiple compressors. The advantage of this is that in case of part load conditions one compressor remains off, saving substantial power. Even in the event of a compressor failure, the other compressor continues to function. Ensuring at least 50% of the output. The system can also be made modular by connecting multiple units, thereby avoiding the need of a standby system.


EcoHot is extremely hassle-free since it needs only a tank to be connected. It is very easy to use and operate. What's more, with this system there's no need for fuel storage tanks, big chimneys, standby and pollution control board clearance.

Retrofit Friendly

EcoHot is a simple system which can be installed easily and quickly. In existing establishments, it can replace old, conventional, power-gulping systems without much alteration work. Even hot water pipes can be retained as it is without any major modifications.

Advantage Blue Star

Blue Star's EcoHot is similar to most basic refrigeration and airconditioning systems. Blue Star is a pioneer in the airconditioning industry, with over seven decades of expertise. With a superior range of products, widely trained dealer network across the country and over a million TR in annual maintenance contracts, you can be assured of high service standards that result in high uptime and peak efficiencies.

Pollution Free

Boiler systems generally emit gas which pollutes the atmosphere. They also need chimneys which can disperse the gas at a stipulated height, as per the statutory norms. But in the case of EcoHot there is no emission of pollution causing gas. On the contrary, it releases cold air which helps in cooling the surrounding ambient.