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Speciality Cooling Products

Blue Star has developed specialized products for process applications, IT/ITES, telecom and the dairy industry. We have diverse experience and have a deep understanding of the demands on airconditioning and refrigeration in each industry. This knowledge and domain expertise has helped us design and manufacture a range of specialized products which ensure that critical applications work seamlessly..

Process Chillers

Blue Star offers Process Chillers for medical, pharmaceutical industries and varied industrial applications like plastic mould cooling, printing and lamination processes. These chillers incorporate microprocessor based controls which offer intelligent cooling and are energy efficient apart from being extremely compact with a small footprint.


• Wide range of models: 8, 11, 18, 26, 35, 45, 52 and 77 TR
• Energy efficient scroll compressors and plate heat exchangers
• Extremely compact plug-in design for high ambient applications
• Stainless steel hydraulic circuit with buffer and expansion tank
• Microprocessor controller with computer and remote connectivity
• Anti-corrosive fins
• Low noise
• Food grade quality option available

Mortuary Chambers

Blue Star also manufactures and markets Mortuary Chambers in 3 models (2, 4 and 6 bodies)


• Exterior and Interior Finish Pre-painted GI sheet
• Front Finish in Stainless Steel
• Vapour proof incandescent lamp
• Electronic temperature indicator-cum-controller
• 3 piece carriage assembly
• One piece stainless steel tray
• Hygienic
• Easy to maintain
• Compact and neat
• Flexibility of shifting
• Simplified cadaver handling
• Can be housed at any convenient location

PUF Insulated Panels

The efficiency, hygiene and life of a cold room depend on the panels and accessories that go into making up the structure. Blue Star's cold rooms are therefore constructed using pre-fabricated PUF panels designed specifically for such applications, and manufactured to international standards of quality and reliability at state-of-the-art facilities. These panels are packed with advanced high-density foamed-in-place PUF insulation to ensure high-efficiency insulation, and metal-finished (a choice of aluminium, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel or Galvalume).

Modular in nature, these tongue-and-groove panels in a range of thicknesses and dimensions, are designed to interlock with ease at site to form cold rooms of any size and for any application. Each part of the cold room - walls, ceiling, floor, doors and even T-walls and corners - have special panels designed for the purpose to ensure perfect fit. These modular cold rooms are not just easily assembled at site. They are easily disassembled too and moved when required, or even enlarged or split into multiple rooms as later needs may demand. A range of options and accessories ensure that the entire cold room supplements the efficiency and ruggedness of the PUF panels:

Flush-fit doors :

Aesthetic, efficient, heavy-duty flush-fit doors with FRP door perimeter

Cam Lock :

Posi-loc locking assemblies that provide perfect alignment of walls, ceiling, floor, corners and door frames

Hardware :

Heavy-duty cast alloy handles and hinges with attractive brushed-chrome finish

Heated air vent :

Tri-action heated air vent to eliminate pressure and vacuum variations inside the walk-in cold room

Interior and exterior ramps :

Ramps allow ease of movement of material without damage to floor

Sweep gasket :

Airtight heavy-duty sealing gasket below door with a double sweep, remains flexible at any temperature

Posi-seal closure :

Cushions closing of door, making it noiseless and firmly shut

Vapour-proof light fixture :

Trouble-free lighting within cold room

This wide range of world-class panels and accessories ensures that Blue Star's cold rooms are air-tight, hygienic, highly energy-efficient and built for a lifetime.

Banana Ripening Chambers

The perfect choice for profitability.

Blue Star is India's leading airconditioning and refrigeration solutions company. With over 7 decades of experience in the field, Blue Star is the one expert you can trust when it comes to cooling solutions. This is especially true when it comes to cold-chain solutions including ripening chambers.

Domain Expertise

Blue Star is a leading provider of banana ripening solutions in India today. Thousands of banana traders and farmers are Blue Star customers and over 14,000 MT of bananas get ripened in our Banana Ripening Cold Rooms everyday. This domain knowledge in the field ensures that each Blue Star Ripening Cold Room is designed bottom up, to maintain the precise conditions required by each specific application. Factors such as humidity, temperature, ventilation and specific gas emission levels within each ripening chamber are tuned to optimum levels, in each chamber design, based on requirements at each facility.

Blue Star ripening chambers are reliable, robust and built to last. They are also backed by proven service capability through a nationwide network, even in remote inaccessible areas.

Blue Star Banana Ripening Cold Rooms

• Blue Star's banana ripening chambers allow you to:
• Design your installation to suit your capacity requirement
• Reduce wastage and increase profits
• Plan the timing of your produce output and avoid seasonal variations
• Ensure hygienic and food-grade handling of your produce
• Deliver uniform colour and taste due to controlled ripening
• Enjoy higher realisation on your produce
• Reduce operating cost and optimise initial investment.

Cutting-Edge Components

Blue Star's state-of-the-art banana ripening chambers use:

• Reliable, energy-efficient refrigeration units
• High-efficiency PUF insulated panels which are lead-proof
• Doors that keep outside atmosphere out and controlled conditions in
• Timer-based electrically operated ventilation systems and exhaust fans
• High CFM evaporators to ensure uniform airflow inside the chamber
• Gas-emission systems for flexible, large-scale ripening processes
• Ethylene generators for sequential ripening solutions
• Humidifiers to maintain high humidity throughout the ripening cycle
• CO2 and ethylene analysers to monitor carbon dioxide levels

Gas-Emission Systems

The gas-emission systems are designed to be safe, fast and precise in their ripening processes. Moreover, they come with features that make them the first choice for professional ripening facilities.


• Safe: 5% Ethylene-95% Nitrogen mix generated.
• Flexible system: Single system can feed multiple ripening chambers.
• Intelligent control: Allows independent levels of generation in each chamber.
• Independent settings: Allows ripening of different fruits at the same time in each chamber.
• Intelligent microprocessor controller: Ensures precise ethylene generation.
• Programmable: Desired conditions programmable as pre-sets through touch screen.
• Controller also programmable to generate ethylene at fixed intervals.

Ethylene Generators

The stand-alone ethylene generator is ideal for ripening situations where the process is sequential rather than simultaneous. They provide a constant and controlled supply of ethylene into the ripening chamber, by converting a specially formulated ripening concentrate into ethylene.


• Portable: Can be easily shifted from one chamber to another.
• Simple and fast: Just pour in Ethanol II and ethylene is produced.
• Safe: No danger of explosion, as long as instructions given are followed.

Multi-Compressor Control

Multi-compressor systems can be handled by the same controller, with the ability to set individual parameter controls like temperature, pressure, etc.

Efficient Operation

Blue Star's highly efficient banana ripening chambers provide prompt notification for any operational issues including equipment failures or set point changes.

HACCP Provision (Optional)

Blue Star Banana Ripening Cold Rooms also come with an HACCP provision. This feature helps identify and prevent hazards from contaminating food.

BMS Compatibility (Optional)

The BMS compatibility feature of Blue Star Banana Ripening Cold Rooms is extremely beneficial. Since the RS485 makes external computer connectivity and remote monitoring possible.